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Mechanical Testing of Rubber

The normal technique is to deform the rubber by 25% and measure the force. It is common to do a mechanical condition by compressing the rubber three times and performing the measurement on the fourth compression. The result can be shown as a load/deformation curve, from which one can read off the force at, for example, 10 and 20% deformation. In a tear test, the materials tear resistance is established. Three techniques are common, namely: A trouser test สอบเข้า ป 1 ฤทธิยะวรรณาลัย piece has a rectangular strip 15 x 75 mm with a notch 25 mm in from one short side. The strip is elongated in a tensile tester with 100 mm/minute, so that the notch becomes bigger. The results are shown as a tear diagram with a number of tops and the median top is provided as the result. A 90 angle test piece is elongated using a speed of 500 mm/minute to break. The test can be performed with a 1 mm nick or without a nick. The test without the nick measures a combination of the force of tear initiation and propagation. A crescent-shaped test piece with a 1 mm deep nick is elongated using a speed of 500 mm/minute to break.

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